Call Center - Customer Relationship Management

Enedis, formerly ERDF, is a public company responsible for the management and development of 95% of the electricity distribution network in France.
Inundated with calls, ERDF wants to modernize its call center to improve customer satisfaction

6 Month

May 2014

Call Center - CRM

Responsive Web / Html5 Css3
Desktop - PC
Uncontrolled Devices & Screens


Strategic project
Strong Functional requirements
Full Stack Delivery - Ux, Ui, Front-End

My Roles

Team Lead
Interaction & Visual Designer
Lead Front-End Dev


Ux Research & Design : Sophie Raedersdorf
Ergonomics & Visual Design : Pascal Chirol ;)
Front End Dev : Pascal Chirol & Valentin

We spend all the day on our screen... we have sore eyes !

I open new tabulation of the client info to keep his data accessible all the time

We have to solve cases in a short of time

Buiding a Design System

Working in collaboration with the UX expert, we have defined the main features of the interface in order to work on this project in parallel. Not having all the elements of content, I worked on the development of a design system that would then allow the interface to evolve without creating a problem of scalability.

1-Scalable Grid System

Building a perfect grid system is probably the most important and complex step. Great grid & alignment make the interface flexible & scalable but more important is that unconsciously reduce users cognitive charge when reading and browsing contents.

Then, based on a 1em grid (14px), each element of the interface is mathematically a multiple of others and so everything is naturally aligned with others elements which ensure a visual harmony.


Building a responsive/fluid design wasn’t a direct requirement, but in order to manage any uncontrolled devices or screens size, I decided to take the time to make it enough scalable to fit any case ;)

3-Use cases

4-Component Library

Collected during use cases productions, I realized an asset of components declined in large different possible states.
Everything is There! This makes clear specifications for the Dev step.

Front End Dev

The great framework

Incoming Text & Embedded POC

REX - Return of eXperience

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